The latest version of angular (angular 6) has just now released and started to get used around the corners of the development community. Angular as a web development framework has positioned itself in a strong place in the mind’s developer community through upgrading in the most demanding period of time. Within the duration of 14 months it has released back 2 back versions in order to keep the develop community and the users as well highly focused towards it. As the best Angular JS service provider, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting all the industrial requirements of the client and capable to deliver the most efficient application framework for client’s business.

Even though the previous version of angular is highly flexible and a well-established one getting incorporated itself through building mobile and desktop application still, it didn’t get settled with it and strived to deliver even better performing version for the developer community. As a result the version6 was introduced aiming to be much smaller, faster, and easier to use when compared with the previous version. Before directly diving into the features of version6 lets have quick look at angular5. As a leading Angular JS development company, iStudio Technologies has always updated according to the latest versions of angular in the right time to deliver the most effective service to our clients.

Angular 5 Features


When the version 4.3 was launched, it came up with HttpClientwithin @angular/common as a smaller, simpler, and the most powerful approach to web requests in angular. When it comes to version5 Google itself recommended using the HttpClient applications, and it stopped using older library files like @angular/HTTP which is considered as archaic.

Multiple Export Alias

Angular5 can provide multiple names to the components and directives in the time of exporting where, exporting a component with several names will assist the developer to rove without carrying out any changes.Being the part of the community, iStudio Technologies as the top angular js developing company caters the most awful experience to their clients in web development

International reference

Angular5 version introduced the concept of new pipes for numbers, dates, and currencies in order to improve the standardization of the internationalization process takes place within the browsers and eradicating the need to utilize the polyfills to accomplish the same.

Progress in Decorator support

Angular5 version can now able to support few expressions that are lowering in decorators for lambdas, and also for the value of useValue, useFactory, and data used in object literals. Moreover, here a lambda can also be used as a name function. As the leading angular js Servicing Company, iStudio Technologies is not just focused on meeting client requirements instead, and we also try to provide extra or advanced solutions to our clients in a suggestive way.

Built-in Optimization

The built-in optimizer eliminates the angular decorators from the app’s runtime code through reducing the size of the bundle and increasing the application’s boot speed. Therefore it decreases the size of the bundle eventually paving way towards increased application speed.

Angular 6 Features

Angular Elements

When it comes to developing a single-page application then angular will be the first preference for any javascript developer. Framing a widget which can be inserted to an existing web page is not that easy process. Packages of angular will help developers to create an angular component to publish the web component that can later be used in HTML page.

Ivy Renderer

An angular renderer that works as a backward compatible file where you can increase the speed, reduce the size, and enlarge the flexibility by making the app size smaller and the compilation even faster. Adopting Ivy Renderer assures carrying out smooth functionality for the developers and the most striking feature is code size can be reduced through adopting the gzipped process which eventually makes the compilation faster. We at iStudio Technologies cater best angular.js services, and we are highly capable of resolving any kind of industrial complexities through deploying this framework with the assistance of experienced experts.

Closure Compiler

As a bundling optimizer closure compiler is useful in creating java script modules for any kind of web applications. This one frequently generates smaller bundles and performs a greater job through eliminating dead codes when compared to Webpack and Rollup bundlers. This toolchain can be used the forthcoming versions to create a custom made application as per your requirement.

Bazel Compiler

Exclusively used for rebuilding purpose, it can be seen in all the software built at Google inclusive of the 500+ applications developed under Angular. Rebuilding the entire application for small source code changes doesn’t counts here so, it is better to change the codes that desperately need a change. These codes are highly dependent and carry out the operation of advanced local and distributed caching with highly optimized dependency analysis and its corresponding execution where it gets built faster.

Component Development Kit (CDK)

This development kit is used by angular material library where it can provide upto 30 different UI components under its shade. CDK helps a developer in building their own library of UI components with the assistance of angular material. It can also support responsive web design to higher extent where, the layouts will get eliminated of getting the need for using the libraries like flex layout or CSS grid. As the top angular.js Provider, we at iStudio Technologies cater the elite experience to their clients through providing them high-end services.

Service workers

An angular script that is made to run on a browser with managing the cache files in the application. This feature is introduced in the fifth version and its responsibilities get extended through including the functionalities like bug fixers and other additional features.


Schematics as a technology help to generate angular artifacts from angular CLI. When it comes to creating your own template through better exploration of Angular CLI then schematics will be the best choice. Looking at the version 1.7 the ng update function can be automatically updated here depending on your project where it is easier to fix the automated versions. Schematics enables to create own code transformation similar to ng update. As the leading angular.js provider, iStudio Technologies has always made sure that it delivers the most updated and future focused service to their diversified set of clients. Being a part of it we incorporate version 6 of angular while catering the service based on this developmental framework.


Navigation source and restoredstate are added to navigation start where as in navigation start there is no scope of getting to know about the triggered one or through any other locational change. The PR needs to be added to the navigation source field and restored using navigation id.

Upgrading to RXJS 6

The updated version of RXJS version 6.0 is attached here with the angular version 6 with added features and some important changes as well. These incorporated changes help developers to trigger up their performance through debugging the stacks and improving its modularity by making it highly compatible in backwards.

Tree shaking using angular6

Here the entire angular network moved from modules referencing services to service referencing modules that make the app even smaller and faster in working. It allows only the bundle service into the code base which is added through injection method. As the best Angular JS service provider, iStudio Technologies caters high-end solutions to a diversified set of clients in the industries.

Enhanced animation performance

Since angular has updated its own animations and the same has been implemented here, there is no longer need of web animated polyfills and these polyfills are removed from application through reducing the memory upto 47kb which elevates the performance of animation to the next level.

Striking Features of Angular 6

  • Supports Typescript 2.7.X
  • Minimize the error in decorator messages
  • Possess fix-platform detection
  • Provides added support to native-element
  • Regularly updates NgModelChange
  • Adds generic type of ElementRef
  • Canonical view query is added


Since its release of version2 angular has been a promising framework catering the required service to the developers community at the right time. Proper adoption of angular will guide the entire set in the right direction through making the required changes wherever possible.As a best Angular JS servicing company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the most optimal solutions to organizations through detailed analysis of their business requirements. We make sure to deliver the applications based on AngularJS with two-way binding through consenting automatic synchronization of data within model and view components.