Creating a Perfect UX for your Website in Foldable Devices

Creating a Perfect UX for your Website in Foldable Devices


Technology transformations are taking place so radically where we humans or the end-user needs to quickly cope up with the trends to stay awake and make sure our brains don’t get rusted to acquire as much as the knowledge we can.

Foldable smartphone and devices are swiftly acquiring the gadget market and it is high time for the designers and developers to create a website that suits well for foldable devices too.

This blog post will take you a tour on depicting the top practices involved in creating a fantabulous user experience for a website when it gets displayed on a foldable device.

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Stats Corner

  • Foldable devices have already made its mark in the technology market and it has some popular editions of smartphones in its kitty like Samsung.
  • The global foldable smartphone sales went up to US$ 65 million in 2018.
  • Forecast results from Global Market Insights predict that foldable smartphone industry will reach a CAGR of 75% between 2019-2025.
  • China is sensed to be the leading market of foldable devices in the next 6 years by holding a market value of US$ 1200 million individually. Followed by Japan with a market value of US$ 800 million where India grabs the 4th position by acquiring a market value of US$ 300 million.
  • Currently, Samsung and Huwaei have released one premium model of foldable smartphone at a price of US$ 1980 and US$ 2600 respectively by particularly targeting ultra-rich users.
  • Even though foldable smartphones are raising technologies in the smartphone arena, still they make it possible to outbeat iPhone in terms of long-life battery, network access and flexibility.

When it comes to handling a new variety of smartphone User Experience plays the key role and it is also sensed to be the deciding factor in the success of the vertical. Especially the length of this variety will be a challenging one for the user to handle.

“We don’t know how people are going to use this device. They are going to surprise us, and it will be interesting to see where it goes” said Justin Denson, Senior VP, Product Marketing, Samsung.

Creating the web design for foldable smartphones

These foldable smartphones provide the experience of mobile as well as tablet device together in it and it will be a great challenge for both the designers and the users to view a website in this format.
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Creating the web design for foldable smartphones


Knowing about the two different states of the foldable smartphone is highly important to create an exclusive design for the allied devices. Foldable screen (cover display) and unfoldable screen (main display) are the two main states of foldable smartphones.

Foldable State

Foldable State

The foldable state particularly refers to the normal model of the smartphone which is been used by us currently and it displays a single layout display that can be easily operated by one hand. The thumb finger will be the prefered one in accessing the screen and we need to place the content, designs and interactive buttons in a proper way which is comfortable for thumb finger.

Unfolded state

Things get changed here, where the mobile gets converted into a tablet and it provides entirely different and large scope for the designers to bring in several fields and design elements to justify the work and to enhance the user experience eternally. Even the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have a wide scope to give better user experience through foldability, as Samsung gets folded inwards and Huwaei gets folded outwards.
We at iStudio Technologies have dedicated website designers in Chennai, India who are highly capable of handling foldable devices and creating suitable designs for it.

Thumb gets an alternative

Yes, you heard that right, 90% of us used to operate a mobile device using our thumb finger (especially when it comes to the smartphone) but when the device takes the structure of tablet things to get changed.

The user (we) will opt for a more relaxed approach and starts to use multiple fingers, hence the positioning of designed elements, content and interactive buttons gets altered when compared with a normal smartphone screen

This places a big challenge in front of the designers to bring in two different experience together in a single device, we are an affluent website designing team in Chennai, India who are highly capable of creating a fantabulous design that brings in two different extremes together in a single screen.

Screen Continuity

Screen Continuity is another important factor to be considered while designing a website for foldable devices and smartphones. As we have already discussed that the screen gets folded both inwards and outwards the continuity with the flow and the navigability factor need to be given with top priority where it must provide an undisturbed feel and the required connection to the user when the screen gets folded either outward or inward.

Being the eccentric web designing company in Chennai, India we make sure to maintain the required continuity in the foldable screen irrespective of its making.

Foldable State

Multiple Window

Similar to using multiple tabs getting displayed in a desktop window, display of multi-window concept will be the essential element to be found in a foldable smartphone, where the user will now get the privilege to access different window screens at the same time and performing multi-tasking process effortlessly. This concept is very similar to viewing different channels at the same time on a smart TV.
We are the spectacular web design agency in Chennai, India who maintain the peak of perfection and accumulated accuracy in delivering the feature of multiple window display to the foldable device or smartphone user that enriches high customer satisfaction and brings in a new experience to the tech-driven consumer world.