Un Avoidable Web Design Trends For 2020


It is undeniable that the current pandemic situation has brought in drastic change to the entire world and the approaches made by several organizations and businesses have also witnessed a high level of transformation.
The case of web design is bit peculiar here, it is one amongst a few digitized business deployment that undergoes frequent transition every year, but this start of new financial year in 2020 is bit different where the entire world and also the business world is finding solutions to get rejuvenated from the deadlock and move things normal by implementing web design trends and drive in more business.
Added up to the COVID-19 situation, the Google chrome has also announced a major algorithm update that would hugely supress the ranking factor of websites’ hence it is essential to deploy a superlative web design trend that holds the capability of driving away these critical situations.
Being the best web design company in Chennai, we at iStudio Technologies analyse and implement the most effective designing trends that could be a catalytic power in driving more business when it comes to digitally transformed organization.

Unbalanced Space Handling

Handling of whitespace is a different art in web designing; it needs certain calculation and core perfection to implement it. Earlier in the web design space experts used to handle the spacing either it is the whitespace or the spacing between the colours a symmetrical approach was handled for quite some time before and now the trend is getting changed.
Industries relying and highly using web designs prefer to go with the unbalanced use of both white space and the space between the coloured elements.
Being an experienced web designing company in Chennai, we predict the change in mindset of the clients and the industrial drifts to deploy the best designing works.


Sliders are back again and this time with some blistering colours and more enthusiastic appearance, the comeback of sliders will be a surprise element eve for the web designers who would have forgotten its usage. But still, there are huge difference between the sliders which got used before and the one that got evolved now.

The USP of the current trend in the slider is their animations and other designing elements that give the look and feel in an entirely different way. Being the leading website design company in Chennai, we make the best use of the recently emerged sliding trend by proactively bringing in to the concept of designing and helping our clients to avail a speculative website.

Coronavirus Information

This one might be a surprise for all the readers but wait; you need to completely read out this section to understand the necessity of bringing down this topic. Every active website is updating the information regarding the current pandemic situation in a unique and different approach and web designing plays a key role in it.

The continuous display of COVID-19 situation will not just portray you as a socially responsible patron and also exhibit the designing skills implemented in your web page. Being a responsible website designing company in Chennai, we at iStudio Technologies provide you a splendid experience in terms of design and help you with expanding your client base.


The current pandemic outbreak is an unavoidable one and getting coexisted with it is essential and that will only keep our lives going, trends in web designing will keep evolving despite the situation occurs and being the best web design company in Chennai, we are well prepared to provide hassle free web designing services to our renowned clients in this tough situation that paves the way to rise together.