The 11 deadly E-Commerce mistakes to be avoided in 2021-IStudio Technologies

The 11 deadly E-Commerce mistakes to be avoided in 2021


Ecommerce business grows rapidly, and several reports predict the growth will be inevitable. In India, the recent pandemic situation helped e-commerce stores to achieve substantial growth which tends to a higher revenue generation.

Ecommerce business in today challenging in competitive world and some e-commerce mistakes must be avoided help them stay for a long haul in the battle of the ecommerce websites.

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What are the deadly Ecommerce mistakes that should be avoided?

Maintaining Ecommerce websites and making them generate high revenue are difficult compared to other websites. The strategies have changed and goals relatively. Today the common goal of every ecommerce website is business continuity and ROI. Web development agencies derive a plan of action which include avoiding mistake, which tends e-commerce website to generate sales via online shopping.

The deadly E-Commerce mistakes which are to be avoided are as follows

1. No proper website designs

Improper implementation of logo design which is not good looking, layouts, product images and descriptions, navigations, slower landing page, no contact information’s and no user friendly, leads to a mistake for their website.

2. No power of social media platform

Lack of usage of social media platforms for e-commerce stores will be a mistake and will not continue to survey to live in today’s e-commerce competitive world. There will be a negative result for all e-commerce stores if there no promotion of the brand of the products and so on.

3. Improper SEO implementation

E-Commerce websites with the improper implementation of SEO, its different techniques and its tool not utilized will be a mistake, tends unsuccess and rate of ranking of websites will be as usual like how a normal website behaves.

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4. Pricing factor

Pricing factor sometimes also considered to be mistaken. This may be that too low a price nor too high a price should not be displayed on an e-commerce website, which lends to bring down the sales.

5. No customer support

No customer support in the e-commerce website makes dissatisfaction to consumer and makes them move to another website. The consumer will find it difficult if there no proper reply to their queries.

6. Too many CTA – Call-To-Action

Too much CTA – Call-To-Action on a page of an e-commerce website, allows the consumer to be confused and without make any action, will make them immediately to move other websites.

7. Technical glitches

Technical glitch makes a consumer feel bad if it occurs on an e-commerce website. This may also due to any snag, or the loading speed of the websites, or the security issues and improper implementation of payment gateways, login and logout features.

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8. Improper delivery and returns

Improper delivery and returns details to the consumer will be a drawback and will make look for a better service, and moves to other websites. Delivery of incorrectly ordered products and unable return of the payment will also be considered in the role of action.

9. Hidden fees and rates

Hidden fees and rates that are suppressed will be a mistake, and the consumer feels dissatisfaction, which makes them to a thing to bad level for not providing the correct details of the product.

10. Improper Content Management System

Everyone knows content is the king, without this nothing cannot be happened in today’s digital era which is used to attract the audience for a particular brand of the product. Even promotion through various social proof or sharing will eventually lead to failure.

11. Mobile inflexibility

Mobile inflexibility should not happen and there should be flexibility because it is a necessity nowadays, as everyone is utilizing mobile and even do shopping. eCommerce website which is not optimization to mobile formats and no apps developed will tend to a failed system in today competition of the digital era.


We have discussed the 11 deadly eCommerce mistakes in the above article that should be avoided. Following these will help you in running your ecommerce business smooth and ensuring your business continuity in though times.

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