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The best social media metrics to track in 2023


Social media metrics are measurements that are used to assess how well a company or organization’s social media presence is performing. These metrics can be used to gauge a social media campaign’s effectiveness, learn more about the target market, keep track of brand mentions, and assess the return on investment (ROI) of social media activities by using a digital marketing company in Chennai.

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Key social media metrics that businesses and organizations may want to track in 2023


Regardless of their business plan, every ecommerce company in Chennai has now gone digital due to the pandemic. The choice is to go digital or risk having to close your business. The move toward digitization is something that won’t soon come to a stop. You might be wondering how you might profit from the recent increase in e-commerce. You might not know what to concentrate on or how to do it with so much stuff going on.


This metric counts how many people saw your article. It can be divided into sponsored reach and organic reach (the number of individuals who view your content without the use of paid advertising) (the number of people who see your content as a result of paid promotion).
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This metric counts the instances in which your content is shown, whether or not it is clicked.

Click-through rate (CTR)

This metric computes the ratio of the number of clicks to impressions on your content. It enables you to gauge how well your audience is responding to your material by utilizing SEO services in Chennai.

Bounce rate

This metric count the number of visitors who arrive at your website but then depart right away, indicating that they weren't successful in finding what they were looking for.

Time on site

This metric calculates how long visitors stay on your website. It can help you determine how interesting your information is.

Video view count

It’s critical to monitor the number of views your videos are receiving if you incorporate video into your social media campaign.

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This covers stats like age, gender, place of residence, and interests. Your content and targeting can be more effectively tailored if you are aware of the demographics of your audience.

Lead generation

This metric count the leads—individuals who have shown interest in your product or service—that were produced as a result of your social media marketing activities.


This indicator counts the number of sales that were brought about by your social media marketing activities.

Return on investment (ROI)

This indicator gauges the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. It accounts for both the price of your social media marketing activities and the profit they brought in.

Net promoter score (NPS)

This metric gauges the possibility that consumers will spread the word about your brand. On a scale of 0 to 10, customers are asked to rate how likely they are to suggest your brand.

Brand awareness

This metric gauges the level of brand recognition in your intended market by using web Design Company in Chennai.

Customer satisfaction

This metric gauges customers' satisfaction with their experiences interacting with your brand.

Brand awareness

This metric gauges the level of brand recognition in your intended market by using web Design Company in Chennai.

Influencer engagement rate

This metric assesses how frequently influencers use a certain tracking link or hashtag in their postings.

Employee Advocacy

Social media analytics measure how much information is shared by employees on the company's social media accounts.


Although this is not a comprehensive list, these indicators can give you a clearer idea of how your social media activities are affecting your company.
Remember that not every organization will find value in all of these indicators. It's crucial to concentrate on the measurements that support your company goals.

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