The recent reach of android has highly revolutionized not only the technological world but also the development environment. The middle and low income countries based users are widely exploring android devices when compared with the users from developed nations. This created a curation among us regarding the usability of programming languages. As a result of analysis we found that different programming languages where used in developed and developing nations. This blog section will be unboxing the reason behind the variation and also the listing of languages used. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies uses the most advanced and effective web app framework to create the best website for clients.

Technologies interlinked with country’s GDP

As the analysis carried out over technological and programmatic language usage it is finally found that a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth level is interlinked with the usage of a specific programing language. As a result it is found that developed nations have quickly adopted languages like Python and developing and under developed nations are still using a bit outdated languages like PHP. The analysis is carried out on determining factors like educational standard, age of the software industry, outsourcing rate correlating with country’s wealth. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies implement the most suitable web app framework for your website.

Segmentation of software industry

In order to get a clear idea about diversified programming language usage we have separated the global software industry into high income and low income category. According to the World Bank statistics the countries were classified into high income and low income. The above mentioned GDP based influencing factors were taken into count to classify these nations.

How countries vary in adopting programmatic languages?

Data Science research and technologies: The core reason behind adoption of new technologies by developed nations is due to their huge investment in research and development in the area of software development industry. The country’s per capita GDP is a high contributing factor for developed nations to get invested in research and development whereas; on the other hand this research part is lagging in low-income nations. As a top web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies creates the most suitable website according to your business needs using trending web app frameworks.

C/C++: When discussing about languages like C and C++ it is quite rarely been used by the companies in developed nations as compared with the companies from the low income nation. This scenario could also be related to geographic distribution of particular nations with varied usage of their electronic and manufacturing industries.

PHP and Android: When it comes to application development again PHP and android were quite often approached by low-income nations like India, Philippines, and Indonesia as compared with developed nations like US and UK. The core reason behind this high-frequency visiting is due to the greater adoption of android as an operating system in the low-income nations when compared with the high-income nations.


All the above mentioned scenarios are clearly justifying ones, that stats the valid reason behind usage of varied programming language according to the geographical regions in this world. Low-income nations need to find ways to focus on updated technologies and programming languages to develop their software industry. India is also being a part of it really needs to adopt some revolutionary approaches to update themselves in the programming language environment and become a complete technological player. Being the best website designing and Development Company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is capable of framing perfect website using any updated web app framework.