Must haves in your website homepage


Your website is an invaluable resource for not just acquiring new customers but also promoting your services. When visitors arrive at your website, the first page they are likely to see is your homepage. Since it serves as the face of your business, you must ensure that it catches the attention of tourists within seconds. Here are ten items the homepage currently requires to accomplish this:

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1. Great Headlines

People who visit your website want to see what you do at a glance. This is where catchy headlines come into play. A headline informs your guest of what to expect from your location, and it should be succinct and to the point. Sub-headlines are also required to provide brief explanations of the various services or the products offered.

2. Social Media Links

Companies have adopted social media marketing as a popular method of marketing. Given that one out of every four people uses at least one social media site, you can allow visitors to interact with your organization via social media. This can be accomplished by creatively positioning connections to all of your social media sites on your homepage.

3. Easy Navigation

Make it easy for visitors to access your portal, whether they are returning visitors or first-time visitors. Text-based navigation menus and adequate connection details are needed for users to navigate your site effectively. Above everything, keep the navigation straightforward and visible.

4. Call to Action is Vital

CTAs are needed on all pages of your website, including the homepage. However, since the majority of visitors arrive via the homepage, you should have several CTAs for various deals to make everybody feel welcomed and respected.

5. Your Contact Information

The entire point of making a website for your organization is to help you create leads. This ensures that your contact details must be clearly shown on the homepage in order for these guests to contact you. Include your email address, business address, and phone number to express that you value your visitors.

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6. Profiling Video

One of the simplest ways to draw people’s attention to your website is to have a video on the homepage that describes what you do and briefly profiles your business. Keep this video brief, ideally under three minutes, since it is intended to engage guests.

7. Testimonials

Most people opt to purchase something after reading other people’s product or service ratings. This necessitates the addition of customer testimonials and feedback on your homepage to assist your visitors in making a decision. These testimonials also help to raise interest in your goods or services, particularly among new customers.

8. Quality Images

Even if you have a video on your homepage, you do need some photos to establish credibility and provoke the attention of your guests. Remember to provide photographs of individuals if you want to gain the interest of prospective clients.

9. Link it to Your Blog

While you have a website to help you attract potential clients, your blog is the content king. As a result, make sure you have a way to guide your readers to your blog for additional details. A quick connection would suffice, but do not attempt to make your blog your homepage.

10. List Your Awards

If your organization has won some honors, no matter how insignificant you believe they are, make sure your guests know that someone out there valued your efforts. Awards on the homepage indicate that you are a champion, and everybody wants to be affiliated with a winning team, brand, or business.

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Your homepage is the online face of your business, so make it count. Given that users determine whether or not to begin reading your site within the first few seconds, making sure that all of these things are addressed on your homepage will help keep them interested.
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