Nobody would have believed that transactions can be carried out with the governance of any legal body until the concept of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain were introduced. This Blockchain is a distributed ledger which is highly decentralized where each transaction happens between peer-to-peer networks. Anonymity in blockchain started from the very beginning where its inventor could not be found properly till now.

This is how the entire world is going to function in the future whether you like it or not, Virtuality and anonymity will be playing a crucial role in the upcoming days. Blockchain enabled technology connects two anonymous peers and makes them involved in the business. This decentralized ledger format has very tight built-in security which is uncrackable and makes the transaction of any huge amount possible between any two anonymous people.  As the Best Blockchain Development Company in Chennai, India. iStudio Technologies caters the most innovative and effective blockchain-based applications for your project.

Apart from security, this technology offers the most minimal cost for transaction irrespective of the destination it needs to reach. Quick reach towards the end node or peer node is also made possible in blockchain network when compared to any other prevailing transaction. This write up will be explaining you about creating a distributed blockchain network with the help of Bitcoin.

Developing a Blockchain Application using Bitcoin

Consistency, reliability, and security are the three major primaries standing aside with bitcoin to develop an effective blockchain application. Prior acquisition of bitcoin wallet will make things easy for you in developing blockchain application. Now you have bitcoin in your digital pocket and you can use it as an extremely secured technology and high-end software in creating the decentralized ledger.Possessing bitcoin wallet helps you to keep your digitized keys much safer through which you can access the bitcoin address followed by your virtual money. Providing a high range of security is the primary concern here and bitcoin takes it as a top priority.

Moreover, there are some exclusive service providers who deliver some variety and classy API (Application Program Interface) for developing the blockchain app. The ultimate aim of these ready-made service providers is to provide a highly secured blockchain network in whole by bringing in all the required functionalities in it. Some of the instant examples of API providers are,, and much more. Compared to any other application mobile-enabled application is highly flexible for the developers and the end users incorporating all the functionalities in it.

The truth is bitcoin wallet won’t be having a single coin in it instead; it will be contained with the keys which provide the access. We at iStudio Technologies cater quality blockchain technology applications in India meeting real-time problems.Bitcoin-based blockchain application can be created in several forms like PCwallet, Mobile Wallet, an online bitcoin wallet and offline bitcoin wallet. Creating and implementing a blockchain application is not that difficult as it can be engineered through approaching lots of libraries with standard and unique functionalities for creating blockchain application. These libraries make things possible to create a real and efficient blockchain app.

This works similar to other applications where one can involve in a transaction without providing any of your data. As the best blockchain development company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you effective result through our development services.Another striking feature of this mobile app is that the users don’t want to install the entire one as it consumes much of your memory space. Only a specific programmable part can be downloaded and used as per the requirement, avoiding unwanted mobile traffic and mobile operations. Mobile app develops a feature named simplified payment verification through which they can use only a specific set of blocks to carry out the transactions.

Functioning of Blockchain

  • Whenever a transaction happens a set of blocks were added at every stage consisting of data related to the transaction and the amount details.
  • When the process of the transaction goes on to the next level, then the number of blocks gets increased contributing towards the formation of the blockchain.
  • It is highly guaranteed by the encryption tool that there won’t be any happening of a data breach or third person handling of blocks at any particular stage.
  • Since the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and many others are highly dependent on blockchain it is very important to keep it secured.
  • We at iStudio Technologies, caters provides useful blockchain solutions in India with the help of talented experts in the team.
  • To make the blockchain possibly work, lots and lots of computers were connected to several parts of the globe to form a complete network.
  • Each and every transaction will be shared with every node set and these node set will carry out the verification process.
  • Competition always does exist between nodes to do verification and post successful verification that particular node will be added to the chain.
  • These are how each and every node will be added and post the verification process nodes where copied to the computer, and it will be maintaining a separate copy of distributed ledger which acts as a proof of the transaction later.

Unique Features of Blockchain transaction

Easy Transaction

Completely decentralized

Peak level of security

Anonymity spread all over

Unique Features of Blockchain transaction

High speed

Minimal cost

Transparent to authorities

Easy tracking enabled for users


The blockchain is a highly emerging technology and there is no doubt that this concept will be of high in demand among various industries in the upcoming years. The current scenario prevailing over various industries is a perfect proof of the effectiveness of blockchain technology among industries.This technology is widely being used in various industries like banking and financial sector, Government and the public goods sector, Insurance sector, healthcare industry, media, technology, energy & utilities and manufacturing industry. Around 30% of the globe utilization and implementation is done by banking and finance sector, followed by the public sector with 13% and 12% hold by the insurance sector.IStudio technologies are well known for developing custom blockchain websites in Chennai, India for several industries.




Any active and involved developer who is highly using frameworks such as Django, Laravel or Rails would have surely come across Node.js. As a developer you might have got convinced with the characteristics of front-end libraries such as Angular and React java scripts and you would have thought why I need to change to Node.js unnecessarily? But there is a solid reason behind converting yourself to Node.js at this point of time. As the best website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always deliver quality website for their clients using updated web app frameworks.
The world of Javascript has developed in an extraordinary rate and it is still growing its roots and branches across the technologies, its growing rate is gaining momentum day by day as it is the developers who need to speed up their learning process as of now. As a dedicated developer if you think your hard earned experience in node.js is getting unnoticed or wasted, you no need to worry as the Sails.js framework is there for the rescue mission. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass their client’s expectations through delivering best website for their business.
Sails.js is a tailor made MVC based framework which is exclusively used for Node.js applications in a short period of time. This framework has some striking features like production-readiness and enterprise grade usage. Sail.js is completely derived from Javascript solution which is highly capable of supporting multiple databases and multiple front-end technologies. As aRails.js developer, it is very easy for you as a developer to learn sails as they have numerous similarities in their functions. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides complete website services to their clients in a better way.


Having a basic knowledge on framing any MVC architecture is highly mandatory to get to understand the working of sail.js. Possessing good experience in Node.js and Modern Javascript syntax will be highly helpful. To develop a real time app sail.js has utilized core library functionalities in majority of the sections in the development part. Some of the modern front-end libraries like React, Angular or Vuewon’t be discussed in this section. This application development won’t be requiring any database integrations instead, it will be using default, local-diskfile-based database for development and testing.


Intention Of Project

The ultimate aim of this write up is to show that the procedure to build a real time application similar to slack and gitter using sails.js. More number of blood and strain are invested in developing these kinds of applications which involves more number of features in it. Still these apps are built with basic features in their initial stage like:

  • Single chat room
  • Basic authentication
  • Profile update

Installation Of Sails.Js

Prior installation of Sails.js, it is highly mandatory to set up a proper Node.js environment. The current version of Sails.js v1.0.0 is readily available which is in beta form, so it cannot be used for any production purpose. According to the experts point of view the current stable version of node is to have access is v8.9.4, where the sails.js version of v0.12 won’t be working under it (i.e. with the latest LTS). A group of experts who are actively practicing sails.js have tested it with Node v.7.10 and found it is working very well. This is a good sign since, new ES8 syntax can be used in its code.


Being a javascript developer, you know that working with a single version of Node.js doesn’t works out practically. Therefore, the experts have recommended using the Node version Manager (nvm) tool in order to manage multiple versions of Node.js and NPM easily. If this activity is not carried out then, as a java developer first you need to eradicate your current Node.js installation, and then install nvm to utilize various versions of Node.js. During the installation process of sails.js there few folders which need to be kept in mind like:

  • API: Consists of controllers, models, services, and policies
  • Assets: Consists of images, fonts, JS, CSS, Less, Sass etc.
  • Config: Involves project configuration e.g. database, routes, credentials, locals, security etc.
  • Node_modules: Contains installed npm packages
  • Tasks: Consist of Grunt Config scripts and pipeline
  • Views: Pages can be viewed here like EJS, Jade or any template design applicable
  • .tmp: This section obviously holds the temporary folders in it used by sails framework in order to maintain the project in a developmental mode.

Before Starting To Create The Application Few Things Need To Be Revived Under Sails.Js. Framework

Updating EJS package: Developers who holds EJS 2.3.4 which is listed in package.json needs an update through transforming it to the version 2.5.5 immediately. Since the earlier version is to prone security threats an immediate update on its newest version is required. Doing an npm install, will help to complete the version update in a flawless way.
Hot reloading: In order to make the development process easier it is suggested to install sails-hook- autoreload to bring in hot reloading for sails.js. Framework.

Installing Front-End Dependencies

Creating and fixing the required user interface into the application manufacturing process is not a time consuming one according to sails.js. Here you can use any kind of CSS framework which makes your job much easier. Further, there are alternative ways through which you can install CSS libraries for sails.js. Here in this write up I have explained all three methods. As an innovative and best web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies rejuvenates your website and your thoughts to stand unique in the marketplace.

1. Manual Download

There is manual method available through which CSS files and JS scripts can be downloaded by developers themselves with the dependencies. Once the download has been completed it needs to be placed in the asset folder. Since, this method is time consuming it is not preferable and moreover, it is less effective too.

2. Using Bower

A file named .bowerrc needs to be created at the base of the project through pasting the following snippet under it.
“directory”: “assets/vendor”
Pasting this snippet will instruct the bower to install the asset folder through interchangingbower_components in it. After successful completion of pasting the snippet it’s time to install bower globally and front-end dependencies locally. Before getting to know about jsrenderit is important to complete the installation process at a single stretch. Since jQuery has also been installed it is highly dependent over semantic-ui. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the most advance featured web app frameworks for your website.
While running sails lift, Javascript files will be inserted instantaneously intoviews.ejs files according to the command received from pipleline.js. At the same time the existing grunt setup will assist in inserting CSS dependencies.

3. Bringing In Npm+ Grunt. Copy

Here jQuery can be automatically installed since it is a dependency one on semantic-ui-css. After this the code needs to be positioned in tasks/Config/copy.js. Inserting this code will carry out the process of providing instruction to Grunt in order to copy the JS and CSS files using node_modules for the assets/vendor folder for us.

Testing Phase

Irrespective of the method which you have chosen, it is necessary to get confirmed that the required set of dependencies will be loaded. In order to carry out this process it is highly essential to replace the code in view/homepage.ejs. Post insertion and saving the file carry out the sails lift process to get a proper view of your home page. As theleading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass their client’s expectations through delivering best website for their business.

View Creation

While developing the project it would be an easy task if we start with the UI designing part. Hence it is insisted use the Embedded JavaScript Template in order to create a better view of the application. It highly acts as a templating engine which is installed in a default way through Sails.js Project. But, as a developer you must be highly aware that it has only few functionalities and it is no more in the development phase.

Designing Home Page

In order to understand the complete functionality and the UI elements used in the code of home page design it is highly essential to refer the semantics which belong to UI documentation listed below about:

  • Segment
  • Icon
  • Header
  • Grid

The custom styles are well used in this project for app creation and it involves the process of resetting the styles which are driven from the Semantic UI library. Following this library the next update used is assets/styles/importer. less
We at iStudio Technologies as the best website development company in Chennai, provides the most innovative website for our clients that is highly suitable for their industry using relevant web app frameworks.

Navigation Menu

Since the navigation menu will be shared by multiple view files it is created as a partial natured one. The navigation menu needs to be created inside the view folder, in order to create them in a partial way. After that you need to create a file named view/partials/menu.ejs and then paste the respective codes in it.


As a developer you should have got familiarized with header and grid UI elements while entering into the Profile menu. At the base we can find acontainer element holding the description of various functionalities.

Chat Room Layout

The chat room layout functionality will be broadly classified into three different sections:

Chat Users

Holds the total list of users

Chat Messages

Holds the record of all the message conversation carried out

Chat Post

Kind of a form where you can post new messages

As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides you the cutting- edge to out beat your competitors through our unique website designs and high quality development.


Routing in sails.js can be done in a most flexible way as there lot of methods through which routing can be defined based on the prevailing scenario. The routing of sails.js sticks on with the most basic version of mapping the URL view. Your page needs to be refreshed if it is still running in the background of sails app. In the initial stage, there will be no link between home page and others and it will be created in the later part of the process. Building an authentication system is a basic approach which will carry out the function of redirecting the users who have logged into the application towards the chat bar.

User API Creation

Sails.js command-line utility is used here to generate an API here; you will be getting a message like” Created a new api” where the User.jsmodel and UserController.js is created exclusively for generating the API. By using relevant codes the sails.js framework gets accustomed with a local disk database by default which is basically a file located in the .tmp folder. To carry out app testing it is essential to have some users and the easiest method to get users is through installing sails-seed package.
Post installation of this package you can figure out the file named Config/seeds.js which has been created for the usage of developers. Post creation of API it’s time to Config it through bringing in migration policy file named Config/models.js. Sails.js used to follow particularly three main strategies in order to rebuilt the database whenever required


The chat room layout functionality will be broadly classified into three different sections:


The chat room layout functionality will be broadly classified into three different sections:


Migration needs to be done, through maintaining the existing data


Drop all the current existing tables and re-built from the beginning

It is highly preferred to use the drop option for development process in order to extract more information. In case if you need to maintain the existing files then you can use the alter option. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the most advance featured web app frameworks for your website.

Profile Form

Incorporate the TODO based codings into theview/profile.ejs file to obtain the complete profile form; this TODO code will be a pre-existing one that will be available in the file list. Here in creating the profile form the semantic-UI form is utilized to construct the form interface. While, deeply inspecting the form’s action value i.e./user/update/’, you’ll realize the usage of blueprint route. Once the user strikes the update button the blueprint update will take place. Uploading of user data is done through the custom actions in the User Controller. The action value api/controllers/UserController is used in the coding part.

In the coding part the syntax async/await is used to procure the user data from the database. Another way is to use callback, which is not a readable one by the developers. The default user account can also be hardcoded for time being. This can be altered afterwards while setting up the basic authentication while changing it in order to load the currently logged in user. Finally, it is essential to alter the route profile in order to start the newly created UserController, through making updates in the Config/routes settings. As the leading web development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies always surpass their client’s expectations through delivering best website for their business.

It is highly preferred to use the drop option for development process in order to extract more information. In case if you need to maintain the existing files then you can use the alter option. As the top website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters the most advance featured web app frameworks for your website.

Some Of The Client-Side JavaScript Codes Used In Creating The Profile-Form Are Explained Here:

Some Of The Client-Side JavaScript Codes Used In Creating The Profile-Form Are Explained Here:


While initially loading the page the Sails.js socket library is used which carry out the functionality of executing GET request for users. The request will be handled and executed by the Blueprint API. Finally the received data will be transferred to renderChatUsers (data) function.

The LoadUsers ()

Function is used and theio.socket.on function is registered for listeners. Here we need to listen for events which can be incorporated into the model user. Once it gets notified send it to user again and replaces the existing HTML output.

RenderChatUsers (Data)

The script which needs to carry out the process can be obtained here through using the user Template id with the help of jQuery templates () function. We need to notice the type of syntax here in order to carry out the process and execute the same properly. Hence the notice typetext/x-jsrender is used here. Through mentioning the particular custom type, the browser can ignore it (if needed) and entirely skip over the section if it does not have a proper idea about it. Now we can use the template.render () function to combine the template with data. This in turn produces a HTML output which can be used to insert the HTML document.

The template used to write the scripting is profile.ejs was delivered on the Node server, which is later sent to the browser as HTML. In case of chat-users it is highly necessary to carry out the client-side rendering. This helps the chat users to view on new users joining their group without the necessity of refreshing the browser. Before getting into the testing phase, it is important to update theviews/chatroom.ejs in order to frame new chat-users partial and replace it with[TODO chat- users].
This scripting requires the usage of functionality loadUsers () in it where, it is necessary to confirm its working and perform a sails lift and guide them to the proper URL.
We atiStudio Technologies are the best web design and development company in Chennai, who meets the varied need of diversified clients and satisfies their expectations through providing flawless websites for more than a decade of time.


ICO Marketing Company


ICO and Blockchain have almost become the part and parcel of our life which has been adopted by every industry across this planet in either of its applications. Since it arises, a lot of misconceptions and even scam ICOs where witnessed because of improper understanding by the adopters. It is because of scam ICOs most of the volunteering investors are hesitating to invest again which seems to be a great setback. Improper approach and lack of market research is the major reason behind this setback. In today’s business world marketing is the deciding factor for any innovative concept to reach the targeted investors. We at iStudio Technologies have a highly experienced team of ICO marketers and advisors who have the real capability to navigate your ICO project in the right direction. We ourself run a successful ICO named DiscoveryIoT and also guide a cryptocurrency ecosystem named BELDEX in their ICO campaign. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you with the most effective ICO marketing services in order to attain success in your blockchain project launch. Have a chat with us regarding your ICO launch and we assure you that you will get a high clarity regarding ICO and blockchain.

Website For Ico


ICO Whitepaper


ICO Advisors


ICO Airdrop


Website For Ico




Social Media Presence


ICO Bounty Program

Website For ICO

An ICO is a really cool stuff for blockchain startups to generate investments for their business and it is considered to be the most suitable strategy in order to aim and pull in the relevant and potential investors into your business. Just by having an innovative idea and suitable technologies embracing it won’t help you for a long run there are several other features which you need to incorporate to make it as a complete one and make things happen for your ICO. Here are few important points which have been enlisted to frame the best website for your ICO project.

Beating around the bush won’t be helping you at any cost so, make it straight and start to state your project’s mission right from the beginning. Explain the way you are going to solve the prevailing issue through stating the existing problem. As a leading ICO marketing agency in India, iStudio Technologies always offers a result oriented ICO marketing service for your blockchain project.

ICO Whitepaper

For any ICO project, whitepaper must act as a catalyst in steaming up its process and converting more viewers into an investor. Make sure that your whitepaper for ICO is impressive and provides high clarity so that the users get themselves intend to purchase your token, which will be released in the pre-sale event. Beyond just providing the business plan, the whitepaper must also narrate the uniqueness of your concern and the benefits you deliver. Whitepaper plays a great role in evaluating the technical potentiality of your ICO project through picturise the new product. An organized and well-framed ICO whitepaper must create awareness to investors and highly influence the competitors. As the best Blockchain marketing agency in India, iStudio Technologies provides step by step marketing service for your ICO project.


Almost 90% of the blockchain projects are fresher’s who have stepped into this virtual world for the first time and they would not have proper knowledge or experience in determining the best advisor for their ICO campaign. As per the nature of blockchain functionality, an ICO advisor plays a highly crucial role in determining the success of blockchain project hence, selecting your advisor or advisory group holds a lot of responsibility and you need to be highly cautious in it. As a best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you to connect with quality advisors who can bring in real value to your project.



Any startup following the method of issuing their ICO tokens to the investors for free of cost is mentioned to get involved in crypto airdrop. This happens exclusively in crypto communities in order to get the attention of huge group of potential investors. The main USP of airdrop is they can create an unimaginable awareness for any blockchain project which the usual ICO promoting activities fails to do. Any ICO marketing activity has the highest potential of reaching 30-40,000 investors at the maximum, and it happens only among the rich group who are ready to invest that big amount. In contrast, airdrop can generate one million participants easily, and even if the conversion rate is 1% (to the minimum) still it is considered to be the highly successful project. As a best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides complete guidance in carrying out the airdrop process for your blockchain project.


Community management is highly necessary for any progressive ICO, you need to get manage the entire community which includes advisors, investors, participants, and competitors as well. You may even find your competitors who get involved in trolling you and try to give a negative shade on your project. As an ICO team, you need to come across these activities successfully in order to accomplish your task. On the other hand, you also need to focus on investors who try to find even a small mistake to get sign off Reaction speed, expertized reply, and High level of competence are the major contributing factor for your ICO. As aleading ICO marketing company, iStudio Technologies navigates your project in a proper direction to attain glory.


Since the concept of blockchain and ICO is widespread it is highly necessary to be flexible at a certain stage of time. Since ICOs have great potential in China there is a high demand for Chinese translators in the blockchain arena. There are certain things as an ICO startup you need to keep in mind before hiring a translator. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies provides you complete support when it comes to ICO whitepaper translation.

Social Media Presence


No matter what how unique your project is and its potential won’t be counted that far unless and until you are highly active on social media sites. Being active on social media sites is mandatory for new startups to keep horning their presence in the industry and turn the view of potential investors towards their project. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologiesimplements the most suitable marketing strategy for your ICO.
There are several social media platforms through which you can promote your idea and create a high potential huge network by making great use of it. Concentrating on all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn and also on exclusive platforms like Telegram, Wechat, and Bitcointalk etc. is highly important. Let’s have a look at the importance of some key social media platforms in the following description.

ICO Bounty Programs

As highly inspired from the online digital gaming world, bounties operate as an incentive providing reward generation mechanism from company to individuals. When it comes to ICO scene, bounties are a useful part and parcel of the campaign. Today, many ICO based startups are incorporating bounty programs in their ICO marketing events. Here the startups provide rewards to the individuals on successful completion of the allocated tasks likemarketing, bug detection and reporting, and improvising the entire ideology of ICO event. The reward will mostly in the form ofcrypto tokens or fiat currencies (dollars or pounds). Bounty campaigns and programs has become an unavoidable part of an ICO event which takes place either during Pre-ICO or Post-ICO campaigns.

We at iStudio Technologies is a well-established ICO Development company in India, which provides timely and effective help regarding bounty programs for blockchain based startups.


Apart from digital marketing, there are various other options through which ICO services can be used. Since ICO is still an emerging technology there is a lot to be focused in its marketing, the primary aim of ICO is to fund start-ups in a complete digitized way. So any relevant marketing related to this technology is warmly welcomed in the current business world. These approaches may sound highly traditional to the marketers yet it is still strongly recommended because of its effectiveness. As the best ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies implements the most suitable marketing strategy for your ICO.


Getting In High Caliber Investors

It is highly necessary to find the odd one out in the entire pool prevailing out there. Investors with great caliber will keep on updating themself with the technology, and they will definitely approach ICO based Marketing Strategy. As an investor, these few people know the potential of cryptocurrency which tends them towards investing in start-ups using ICO.

Being a part of Blockchain, ICO is a vast concept which involves a dedicated work of a combined team. This team must possess the diversified expertise and play the prominent role of associates, advisers, team members, partners and sponsors. As best Digital marketing agencies for ICO in India, iStudio Technologies delivers complete ICO marketing service in a flawless way to the blockchain startups.

Get to know about the investors of your business to all the hierarchy of your organization, in order to bring in proper education and awareness regarding fundraising. This awareness creation is highly recommended to bring out the expected result on your projects. Work out as a team to bring in high potential and future-focused ICO investors for your business. As a leading ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies always offers a result oriented ICO marketing service for your blockchain project.

Construct An Active Community

ico-1 (1)

It is well known that this going to be an out and out offline approach, hence start-ups and ICO based investors as well need to get out and make their hands dirty to find out the real potentials. Creating brand awareness and active community highly helps to find out the potentials in the business world. Through community building, start-ups can find the real ICO investors with high potential vice versa. But both the parties need to move a step further in order acquire the right investors and right start-ups in the entire community. This out and out depends on the individuals approach in carrying out them to the next level. As a top ICO marketing company in India, iStudio Technologies helps your blockchain project to carry out a successful ICO campaign.

Technical Documentation

Nothing can replace a sound document write-up including all technical details, where it is one of the most primary and still an effective approach. This will help both the parties in finding out their requirement out there in the business market. Start-ups need to frame a crystal clear business model in order to attract a highly potential ICO funder. Same as even ICO service provider must be very firm with their rules and regulations in funding start-up business. We at iStudio Technologies provide best ICO marketing services in India to make your blockchain project reach the potential investors.

Paid Banner Service

Banner ads are also capable of creating more number of potential leads to your business. It will reach a mass group of people including those who are highly interested in cryptocurrency, bitcoins and other aspects. This paid banner service is one form of the alternative approach which drives in leads for ICO marketing. As the best ICO development company in India, iStudio Technologies helps you through connecting with quality advisors and investors for your ICO project.



Blockchain is one of the most happening technologies, which is creating a big revolution in terms of money exchange, generation and gives you an entirely new vision towards the currencies handling all these years. This blockchain acts as a distributed, decentralized digital ledger which acts as the core technology behind various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoins and many more.

The launch of blockchain technology is a great feed to technological developments and entrepreneurs take this concept even further and deeper in order to facilitate the user with immense service of monetary transaction in a completely secured and digitized manner. This blog write-up will be studying about the solidity and the respective tools involved in developing ethereum smart contract using solidity.


Basically solidity is a contract based high level language which will be highly helpful to implement smart contracts. This language was brewed by C++, Python and JavaScript and is fueled towards the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This high level language is typed using statically, and well supported by inheritance and complex user- defined types. Solidity language is used to create various contracts for voting, Crowdfunding, blind auctions, multi- signature wallets and much more.




A lot of technological lovers and experts are rushing towards the concept of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in order to embrace it and implement the same in their industries or in the real world to take a leap over in the market. Introduction of these two concepts created a new profile of online miners who could possibly break the lock and completes the transaction process happening virtually.

One major setback is that the shortage of GPUs (Graphical Processing Unit) to be implemented across the globe. Anyways, this shortfall can be rectified in future; these cryptocurrencies like Ehtereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin can be used by even non-technical person just like we use Rupees and Dollars.

Transactions made through Cryptocurrency wallets are comparatively cheaper to current transactions and also it is decentralized which means these coins and Cryptocurrency wallets are not bound to any particular economic policy of a nation.

There is always been a two sided talk about the very existence of cryptocurrency and its applications over various industries. In spite of all sarcasm, cryptocurrency is trying to come out very successful and it has its scope. A lot of online and stock market traders have turned their trading vision towards cryptocurrency believing in its future scope.

This write up will be detailing about cryptocurrency, the process involved in mining the coin, idea behind developing the cryptocurrency app and the detailed description of app development.We will also be discussing about methods to be implemented in the project and time duration taken.


Basically cryptocurrency is a completely digitized format of money used in transactions between any two peers in the virtual format safeguarded by cryptographic techniques. Some of the unique secured approaches like Proof-of-stake and Proof-of-work were used here in order to make sure the safety of the transaction.


Since this transaction takes place completely in a virtual format the amount initially deposited where converted according to the coin rate depending upon the type of coin used (Bitcoin, ethereum etc.). This peer to peer transaction is completely decentralized so that it is not governed by any single body. The challenge lies in coin mining where the miners need to break cryptographic puzzles in order to complete the structure of entire transaction. Even through possessing a GPU it is hard to complete the mining in time.

Why To Go To Cryptocurrency App?

Miningdone by individuals or a group is much of a tiring process even though it earns you a huge amount at the end. Competition and the time spent towards being very high which demands superior concentration towards work which is very complicated. On the other hand inventing entirely a new brand of cryptocurrency or coin is again a complicated process like manufacturing an innovative product.
There may be a lot of individuals who can pop out as a coin miner or cryptocurrency developer, but the question is did they reach the market or come out successful? The answer is NO. Because this technology is still under a booming condition in most of the countries, so one possible way through which people can get benefited through this technology is by playing the role of intermediary.
There is a huge demand rising in the banking sector in terms of maintaining its operations, experts in this industry believe that cryptocurrency will be playing a dominant role in the banking industry through deeply reducing the transaction cost. Mobile apps to be created for banking operations using cryptocurrency will be highly effective in making most of the transaction procedures very simple.

Cryptocurrency App

Detailing App Development

Initially user needs to get registered themselves into the system in order to attain their own cryptocurrency wallet. Once they have registered and got their wallets, they can deposit their money and respective cryptocurrency they use. If they are receiving a particular amount from a specific country, it is first converted into a cryptocurrency rate (say Bitcoin) and then transacted to the user account from the server. Once the user receives the cryptocurrency then it will be converted into a native rate of currency using that app.
The mobile app will be using an API (Application Programming Interface) in its back end, which is highly compatible with yours and android operating system. Using this API you can create:

  • Account
  • Request for money deposit
  • Request to send money
  • Currency exchange proxy APIs
  • Managing bank accounts

Cryptocurrency Mining

In order to transact a particular amount from one peer to another peer a group of Blockchain needs to be created. This involves assembling numerous blocks as a single element which requires mining activityneeds to be carried out over that specific coin. This is the most complicated task involves decoding of various blocks to complete the entire block. A miner needs to be technically very strong with the cryptographic concepts to form an entire Blockchain through breaking the locks created through decoding puzzles made of Proof of work and Proof of concept.




As cryptocurrency has become the most happening things in today’s world and everyone is finding or digging out some opportunities to get them involved in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first and foremost cryptocurrency introduced into the global economy and its consistency narrates the remaining story of its success.

There are several other digital currencies and coins have been introduced, but nothing is successful like bitcoin which makes a lot of investors and stockers to approach Bitcoin for their business. The abundant existence of Bitcoin has made its security questionable and preventive measures were taken by few renowned users, and still most of them were searching here for better options.

This article will be highly helpful for Bitcoin users to know more about its safety. The smartphone is really a boon for a lot of users and this will also be helping them in safeguarding their Bitcoin usage. We introduce you towards 10 useful apps that protect your Bitcoin from any harmful happenings.

1) Coinbase

Similar to Bitcoin coinbase was started in the initial stage of cryptocurrency to play a prominent role of mediator between two parties or peers using any kind of cryptocurrency for their monetary transactions. Using coinbase one can store any kind of cryptocurrency in the wallet; theypossesstrade with the help of coinbase and also track its prices.

This cryptocurrency app covers a huge base of iOS and Android users by enabling the feature of providing the list of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments. Till date this app is considered to be the no. 1 due to its compatibility and flexibility. Even though it is said by a few users that it is charging higher prices, still coinbase manage to drive-in more number of customers.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

2) CryptoTrax

This particular cryptocurrency application acts as a coin portfolio, which carries out entirely new functions alike coinbase. Irrespective of the coin possessed by the user it helps them in every single aspect of their business they got involved in with cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of implementing cryptotrax is to track the trading done using a specific coin; it also forecasts the value of the coin which the user would like to purchase. This tracking methodology will be highly helpful for the users to know whether they will end up in profit or loss.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

3) Enjin Wallet

Found by the same discoverer of Enjin Coin the first cryptocurrency designed for gaming, Enjin wallet always supports Enjin coin. The main aim of Enjin wallet is to provide a highly secured app for cryptocurrency transaction irrespective of the coin used other Enjin coin. This smart app comes out with a smart idea of implementing its own keyboard and also with an option to choose with randomized keys in it. Even if you lose your phone there is no worry of losing your digitized money, instead you can write the secret 12 letter word and scan the same in your new handset. Right now it is applicable only in Android devices and the IOS version is yet to arrive.

enjin cryptocurrency

4) Investing.Com Cryptocurrency is an experienced player in the field of investment for the past 10 years; this application provides advice from experts regarding investing over any kind of portfolios. This app doesn’t provide usual functionalities like wallet features instead; it has a huge database for tracking the price of 1300 altcoins. Basically this app helps you in fixing the rate of altcoins in the process of buying or selling.

btc cryptocurrency app

5) BTC.Com

Another major player in the Bitcoin filed providing some extraordinary app experience for the users using any kind of cryptocurrency. It is composed of simple design, peak of security and minimal transaction fees. This is highly advised for Bitcoin beginners to use and also supports the experienced users very well. This application has some very useful features like the ability to transfer Bitcoin through QR code.

btc cryptocurrency app

6) Bitworth

The primary and unique feature of this wallet app is its three tiered security offering to the users. Irrespective of the coin type it provides a strong security to its users. This smart app is also well known for providing satisfied service to each and every customer being its top priority. It has all the essential features of a wallet app in it.

bitworth cryptocurrency app

7) Xapo wallet

This particular cryptocurrency app is developed by a small team and has created a big effect over the target audience. This app is easy to use; possess a clear user interface and unscrambled setup as well.
This app will track you the present value of your cryptocoin and also gives proper suggestion regarding investment. Right now this is present only in iOS and expected in android soon. One major drawback of this app is it cannot provide you price updates of various cryptocurrency as expected by the majority of the users.

xapo cryptocurrency app

8) Delta Portfolio Tracker

Another promising app exclusively designed to handle multiple cryptocurrency related functionalities well known as “perfect tracker of cryptocurrency portfolio” capable of tracking and providing details about 2000 more cryptocurrencies. This gives you entire information about its price alerts, custom details and guidance to manage these coins.

delta cryptocurrency app

9) Cryptonaut Portfolio Tracker

This smart app designed by cryptocurrency is meant to track each and every movement of a cryptocoin and provide the user with detailed report. This is tailor made for, the expertise and professional users, which deliver a separate suite with in-depth options like high-end support for various altcoins and also provides the facility to trade between different crypto coins.

cryptonaut cryptocurrency

10) Crypto Tracker

This app goes straight into your face by just providing the current price range of cryptocurrencies. If you think that it is not a worthwhile, this app disappoints you as it is designed using Google’s Material Design which tells you the whole story. Predictions are not up to date, but they are up to second driven from Coin Market Cap. This app works only for Android providing price details to its accuracy.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency


With the introduction of more number of cryptocurrencies and its supporting apps as well there is a huge scope for implementing these technologies in mere future. And there is no doubt that these technologies will simplify our work and boost the trading to next level.




Offers and discounts are the driving factors which boost up the sale in a retail store, irrespective of the platform the product belongs too. A retailer cannot deny the fact that their offers reach the entire targeted customer base. There is always a gap lies in-between the retailer and the customer in both offline and online platform.

Talking about the offline stores the location always been a concerning issue which acts as a great barrier to reaching potential as well as mass customers in making their offer sale a big hit. On the other hand, online stores give a lot of discounts, but it is not landed on the right product. Only a few players reach the shore of customer satisfaction and acquire more customers as a result of the large group of competitors.

Ever wondered the reason behind this gap and thought about a perfect solution for it. Here we come up with the most effective and innovative solution that would definitely fascinate the customers and retailers as well. Implementing Beacon technology will be the accurate remedy to overcome this drawback faced by today’s retailers.


About us

Beacons are blue-tooth enabled microdevices which can be handled easily and placed in any part of a particular location. This bantam structure basically works on the principle of radio frequency generation method through which it can contact and communicate nearby blue-tooth devices.
Implementing Measured Receiver Signal Strength in its technology beacon positions the target exactly and sends them the required notification as per the demand. This technological device is powered by ARM processor, built-in memory stand, Bluetooth Smart module, temperature and motion sensor in order to get fit into any circumstances.

This technology can also function well in other devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets provided it is supported with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality. This device is highly prescribed in various industries as a human or product tracker in order to strengthen the communication and minimize the unwanted bugs.

Implementing Beacon in Retail

Implementing beacon will be a perfect solution for retailers in reaching masses and helps them to increase the sales. At the same time, it also helps the customers to get notifications regarding offers instantly. Nothing suits well with beacon as it gets suited for the retail industry because this particular industry utilizes beacon technology to the fullest.

Functioning of Beacon

  • Beacon device installed in the retail store will be sensing the nearby devices enabled with BLE technology and sends them an initial notification.
  • The BLE enabled smartphone accepts the notification and directs the message to the proper online platform.
  • The online platform performs the process of customizing the message sent from the store and redirects it to the specific customer.
  • The customer receives the message from the online platform and enjoys the benefit of a particular product from the nearby store.

Striking features of Beacon

Indoor Navigation

Beacon features indoor navigation system in it through which it can track and position the customers who walk-in into the store. This is made possible due to the presence of radio signals and motion sensor present in the beacon device.

Automatic Check-In

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.

Proximity Marketing

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.

Contactless Payment

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.



What is Cryptocurrency

Are you still puzzled with the word Cryptocurrency then lets make it clear first, before diving into the term directly lets get to understand about virtual currency and digitized currency first. Being a part of digitized India we all know what digital currency is?

Digital Currency

As a bank account holder you can transact and receive money entirely through digitized format using few details like bank account number, this approach is known as digitized currency. The ultimate aim of implementing digitized currency is that complete usage of prevailing digitized technology.

Virtual Currency

This term may sound similar to that of digital currency but it is quite different based on the place and usage of money. Eventhough the amount is handled in a virtual mode still it is not declared as an official method of monetary usage by government and people involving in it have to approach it totally on their own risk.


The difference between these two financial terminologies is very thin, where digital currency can be used in your day to day transactions like mobile recharge, grocery purchase through online applications like Paytm. Whereas virtual currency is purely based on reward points you earn through installation and utilization of apps like Google Tez .
Therefore cryptocurrency can be determined as the combined format of both virtual and digital currency, where if P2P (Peer to Peer) business happens with day to day and real world products then it is said to be using digital currency, whereas involvement of virtual product is said to be virtual currency.
Basically cryptography concept is implemented here were the transactional code is encrypted using a specific algorithm. This methodology is followed in credit and debit card of banks and also in PayPal.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency is out and out used for transferring amount in a much secured way using cryptography. It uses multi layered approach in the transaction process where

1. Initiating transactional request from a peer

2.Transactional amount is sent via digitized form from peer A to computer node

3. The computer node validates the received transaction using a series of algorithm to verify whether it is sent from and to be received to respective way.

4. Once the node has verified with the transaction it is then involved with cryptocurrency.

5. Now involves the block chain architecture which even strengthen the multi-layer of Cryptocurrency.

6. Transacted amount is delivered to peer B.

Future of Cryptocurrency

First of all cryptocurrency is not that much of a wide spread term where most of us doesn’t know about its basics. To utilize the cryptocurrency to its fullest we have explained its basics in the above segment, this is more of a decentralized as well as anonymous concept which need to be studied a lot first. Therefore first it requires basic understanding and this concept will be an established real time approach in this year by contributing lot towards a country’s economy.

Cryptocurrency holds an important position when it comes to India as the whole nation is moving towards the digitized era in every single aspect. Moreover the consumer market is also huge cryptocurrency will be developing in a huge fashion especially in India. Investing in Cryptocurrency is same as investing in stock, people investing in the right product at the right time will definetley get benefited.

Apart from peer-peer cryptocurrency approach there are two other approaches available, peer-peer is used for business transactions same as “ In-person” purchase involves buying products or services from retail stores and finally Remote purchase is all about buying through e-commerce site.

Notable Characteristics

Highly Irreversible

Once the amount gets transacted from one peer to another peer then it is transacted. There is no retrieving back of the transactional amount at any cost at any time. This is one superm example of its Cryptocurrency’s uncompromising great brutal

Purely Imitative

Nothing in this transaction is related to real world and it cannot be connected at any point of time. Even the address you receive is generated in random numbers at the maximum you can calculate the transactional flow, but you cannot connect to the real world at any cost.

Global Swift

Reach of cryptocurrency is global in a much faster rate, business organizations can transact even huge amount within couple of minutes. Cryptocurrency has no compromise with speed, therefore transactional quantity really doesn’t matters.


Authenticity is high when it comes to amount transaction through cryptocurrency, where it is designed in a more secured way in its initial in any format. Breaking the generated code using cryptography is highly impossible.

Some Of Well Established Cryptocurrencies







Bit Coin









advanced django file handling



Search Engine Optimization is termed as the process through which organizations improve their website visibility in any browser. Companies follow various trending strategies to compete among their rivalries to grab the first rank of the browsing page.

Important Facts

  • This web framework can be easily handled and highly suitable for development and testing
  • Django forms are easily approachable in order to convert HTML forms into database storage forms
  • Template system of Django strictly follows the inheritance concept and completely utilize it.
  • Framework is highly consistent of getting several methods.
  • Middleware classes are highly helpful in processing request and highly customize the functionalities.
  • Has an in-built dispatch system which guides components to carry out a strong communication between each other.
  • Peak of language support is witnessed as Django is globalized and its components are also available in several languages.
  • Django is highly capable of representing XML model instances.
  • Highly extensible template engine functionalities.
  • Acts as interface to python by possessing testing framework

Applications used

  • Highly extensible system with highly authenticate functional services
  • Administrative interface is highly impulsive
  • Powerful tools are used to bring in web feeds like RSSand Atom
  • This web framework is highly powerful as they are capable of running multiple websites with different functionalities.
  • Default application settings where enabled in order to prevent web based attacks like cross-site scripting and password cracking.
  • Django is highly helpful for developers in creating an application quickly
  • Websites performing non-stopping functions like Google site mapsuses Django to manage their online traffic
  • Django is well known for its end-end service rendering from content management to computing scientific platfo

version 2.0

This latest version of Django was released in the end of previous calendar year I.e. on December 2017, as expected it has various new in-built features and changes in backward incompatibility

Features included

This version of Django has much more simplified URL routing syntax than the previous one, django.urls.path() where this syntax makes the code more readable.


The current version highly supports mobile devices which is missing in the previous version

Window expression

Using the new window expression feature helps to add an over clause to query sets.

Advanced Django File Handling

  • File handling in Django is widely classified into two categories
  • Static file- This file is created and handled by the developers, these files include Java script files, CSS files or HTML files. These files are stored in the control system aside the codes
  • Media file- These files are provided by the people who possess the website and it may be videos, image or any other kind of transportable and uploading file. This file gets activated once the website is completed.

Django storage class functionalities

  • Storing a bundle of data under a specific class name
  • Storing data under previous class name and re-sending back its URL



Angular JS5 (JavaScript5) is the recently updated framework, designed to develop desktop and mobile based applications and also helps to generate better coding in a best possible way to support material design. This framework module is the successor of its previous two versions which were launched before 1.2 years and running successfully in the market. Angular JS5 was released a bit late than it is expected in the beginning of this month. Even though its previous versions are successful in assisting support and its material design, still this version is planned to get implemented in the end of this month. This Angular 5.0. version is much more faster, handy and easier to handle. This Google framework will make the work easier for developers in bringing out best designs for web as well as mobile apps, says a Google chief engineer Brad Green “ we are looking for more default options to make the development side easier”.

If you are looking for a best Angular 5 app development company in Chennai, then iStudio Technologies  is here to support you in all your needs.

Chronicles of Angular JS

Prior to version 5.0. Google released two versions of Angular Java script namely version 2 and 4 during September 2016 and March 2017. Although third version is not launched due to its router problem still the other version went well in the market. Even though the first version of Angular Java script did well, yet Google went under decoding activity for the second version to bring out even more better performance.
Engineers of Google opted for Typescript, a Microsoft based superset of Javascript . Since developers felt that Typescript can do static analysis for source code and error detection for HTML which is not available in the previous version. Another added feature of the version 2.0. is that it has a compiler which gets itself placed between code generated and output shipped towards product application. This compiler will generate template rendering which in-turn maximize the speed of Javascript in virtual machines.


Angular 2.0. version also focused on clear component model by enhancing technologies like web component in it. The next version of Angular JS (Version 4.0.) focused more on improving view-engine and reducing code generation. Followed by Angular 4.0. the next version was released in July (Version 4.3) which was running on HTML, this version is designed to focus on programming in a quicker and faster way by implementing easy to use library for making HTTP request. We are the best Angular development company in Chennai.

Angular 4.3. has a customized option of disabling the animation as well as the new router life cycle whenever necessary, even though the previous version has the option of disabling the function it is not as customized as version 4.3.

Things to know about Angular JS

The USP (Unique Selling Point) of Angular JS especially in the recent version of 5.0. is that the availability of dependency injection which very much unique where the developers wont be using all the codes in Javascript where they can also opt for HTML while implementation.
This approach of showing the whole focus towards HTML is considered to be an entirely different and reverse approach which shows Angular JS unique. Hence this approach is followed in all the versions of Angular JS till version 5.0. According to Google the key to the success of Angular JS is that it does not burden its developers on knowing about the reference of library or the kind of animation to be used or handling HTTP forms. iStudio is one of the best Angular service provider in Chennai.

Main attributes of Angular JS5

  • This updated version of Angular JS helps in creating progressive apps which makes the work easier for developers, especially when it comes to web based app development. Where these progressive apps are stored as a backup and later used as reference. The advantage of this version is that it is a combination of Google and Mozilla.
  • This version consist of in-built optimizer which is capable of eliminating unnecessarily generated codes.
  • Material based components are enabled for providing access towards server-side.
  • Specific API and DOM were used to share codes between client and server side of the applications, and this is named as Angular Universal State Transfer.
  • Various improvements were done in the compiler side by enabling it to support incremental compilation and also helps to rebuilt Typescript transformation.
  • Reflective injectors are brought in as replacements for static injectors to remove polyfills, this enhances the possibilities of reducing the size of application.
  • Various supportive names were suggested for components and directives which helps to shift without making changes.
  • Compared to their previous versions Angular JS5 has an updated HTTP client.
  • The programming library of this version is updated to 5.5.2. which has a special feature of eliminating code splitting and tree shaking problems.
  • Command line interface ( CLI 1.5) installed in Angular JS5 which generates the in-built projects by default.
  • Router hooks are added in this version to track the record of router cycle from the beginning till the end of the activation guard.