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Have a detailed knowledge on your college financial in and out flow
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Finance and Accounts Management System

Take advantage of the college ERP by streamlining your accounts and financial reporting. Our financial and accounts management software computerizes the institution’s entries and cashbooks for an indefinite number of years. This university ERP module links to fee entries in other modules, such as stores, hostels, and payroll.

Core Accounting

This institution ERP sub-module keeps records of day-to-day entries and account reports. It can allow the organization to develop cashbooks, cost centers, account heads, and ledger heads.

The university management system can perform the following cost-accounting activities

  • Daily entry of online payment vouchers
  • Transfer of entries to accounts module after the collection of fees
  • Daily entry of contra and journal vouchers
  • Fee collection
  • Inter-module transfers, such as the movement of per-student fees to accounts module at day-end
  • Inter-module transfers of payroll transactions and store bills to accounts

The college ERP can generate the following financial
management system-reports

Cash books, bank statements, and day books

Trial balances and ledgers

Income statements and balance sheets

Your campus administration can gain from the following accounts configurations due to the use of the financial and accounts management system:

A single mode of receipt- or contra-entry

Individual entry-narration

Automated voucher numbers

Automated SMS per payment entry

Automated schedule number

Auto-generated ledger numbers and cheque range

Student Fees

This college ERP sub-module of the financial management system allows your organization to archive curriculum, exam, certificate, and hostel fees collected from students.

Budgetary Structure

This sub-module of the college finance management software enables your campus to establish flexible budgets and purchases. Additionally, since it is linked to the core accounting functionality, it also streamlines payments and cheque printing.

Scholarship and Rewards

The finance management software has an additional sub-module for storing, updating, and managing student data related to scholarships and rewards. The campus management and the government mostly use these records. Take advantage of our university ERP to ensure that your institution keeps an updated record of stipend types and monthly payouts.

Fees Collection System

The online fee collection platform can be integrated into university ERP’s financial management system, leading to a secure and user-friendly mode of fee-payment. Student transactions, either to pay for college programs or the hostel, are then posted directly in your institution’s bank account.

ERP Software Features / Modules

College Admission & Fee Management

Learning institutions are now moving from the traditional, tedious, and hectic offline admission processes.

Student Management

Every organization handling multiple data and information should oversee its process in a way that reduces repetition and duplication.

Faculty & Staff Management System

Keeping manual catalogs of information leads to information irregularities and data loss, hence, causing quality and security issues.

College Examination

The college management system enables your campus to conduct in-house exams using the examination management system.


The integration functionality suggests that all higher education management platforms are interconnected. This feature minimizes the total duplication of workload.

E-Learning Software

The institution management software will provide your campus with a flawless learning experience via the virtual learning management system.

Timetable & Class Scheduling System

Our recommended institution management software is the easiest tool for creating time tables. The college ERP is user-friendly to the faculty, students, and parents.

Purchase & Store Management Software

The store management system automates the procurement process for goods bought, receipt of stock, goods’ book entry, the passing of bills, material issuance for the department, and the maintenance of university stock.

Hostel Management Software

iStudio is known to be the best ERP software development company in India because of its top-notch, all-round systems.

Human Resource Management Software

Our university ERP is aware of the value your organization puts in staff recruitment, hiring, placement, administration, and training.

Finance and Accounts Management System

Our financial and accounts management software computerizes the institution’s entries and cashbooks for an indefinite number of years.

Library Management Software

Many institutions of higher learning have thousands of books and articles, both hardcopy and soft versions, which consume a vast amount of physical and digital space.

Training and Placement Software

In addition to all the modules covered, our college ERP package comes with a training and placement platform for creating student and company databases.

Transport Management System

university management system to provide students with competent and professional drivers, as well as a safe and seamless transportation system.

Fundraising & Donation Management System

This module of the institution management system allows parents, students, faculty, and the community to help the school in fundraising initiatives.

Visitor Management System

Institutions give security and accountability top priority – they keep track of who is entering the school compound and buildings, and their reason to visit.

Enquiry Management System

This institution management software enables colleges and universities to react fast and appropriately to questions and enquiries from students and parents.

Referral Marketing Management System

This college ERP module serves as a cost-effective way for institutions to connect with many qualified college applicants.