A lot of technological lovers and experts are rushing towards the concept of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in order to embrace it and implement the same in their industries or in the real world to take a leap over in the market. Introduction of these two concepts created a new profile of online miners who could possibly break the lock and completes the transaction process happening virtually.

One major setback is that the shortage of GPUs (Graphical Processing Unit) to be implemented across the globe. Anyways, this shortfall can be rectified in future; these cryptocurrencies like Ehtereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin can be used by even non-technical person just like we use Rupees and Dollars.

Transactions made through Cryptocurrency wallets are comparatively cheaper to current transactions and also it is decentralized which means these coins and Cryptocurrency wallets are not bound to any particular economic policy of a nation.

There is always been a two sided talk about the very existence of cryptocurrency and its applications over various industries. In spite of all sarcasm, cryptocurrency is trying to come out very successful and it has its scope. A lot of online and stock market traders have turned their trading vision towards cryptocurrency believing in its future scope.

This write up will be detailing about cryptocurrency, the process involved in mining the coin, idea behind developing the cryptocurrency app and the detailed description of app development.We will also be discussing about methods to be implemented in the project and time duration taken.


Basically cryptocurrency is a completely digitized format of money used in transactions between any two peers in the virtual format safeguarded by cryptographic techniques. Some of the unique secured approaches like Proof-of-stake and Proof-of-work were used here in order to make sure the safety of the transaction.


Since this transaction takes place completely in a virtual format the amount initially deposited where converted according to the coin rate depending upon the type of coin used (Bitcoin, ethereum etc.). This peer to peer transaction is completely decentralized so that it is not governed by any single body. The challenge lies in coin mining where the miners need to break cryptographic puzzles in order to complete the structure of entire transaction. Even through possessing a GPU it is hard to complete the mining in time.

Why To Go To Cryptocurrency App?

Miningdone by individuals or a group is much of a tiring process even though it earns you a huge amount at the end. Competition and the time spent towards being very high which demands superior concentration towards work which is very complicated. On the other hand inventing entirely a new brand of cryptocurrency or coin is again a complicated process like manufacturing an innovative product.
There may be a lot of individuals who can pop out as a coin miner or cryptocurrency developer, but the question is did they reach the market or come out successful? The answer is NO. Because this technology is still under a booming condition in most of the countries, so one possible way through which people can get benefited through this technology is by playing the role of intermediary.
There is a huge demand rising in the banking sector in terms of maintaining its operations, experts in this industry believe that cryptocurrency will be playing a dominant role in the banking industry through deeply reducing the transaction cost. Mobile apps to be created for banking operations using cryptocurrency will be highly effective in making most of the transaction procedures very simple.

Cryptocurrency App

Detailing App Development

Initially user needs to get registered themselves into the system in order to attain their own cryptocurrency wallet. Once they have registered and got their wallets, they can deposit their money and respective cryptocurrency they use. If they are receiving a particular amount from a specific country, it is first converted into a cryptocurrency rate (say Bitcoin) and then transacted to the user account from the server. Once the user receives the cryptocurrency then it will be converted into a native rate of currency using that app.
The mobile app will be using an API (Application Programming Interface) in its back end, which is highly compatible with yours and android operating system. Using this API you can create:

  • Account
  • Request for money deposit
  • Request to send money
  • Currency exchange proxy APIs
  • Managing bank accounts

Cryptocurrency Mining

In order to transact a particular amount from one peer to another peer a group of Blockchain needs to be created. This involves assembling numerous blocks as a single element which requires mining activityneeds to be carried out over that specific coin. This is the most complicated task involves decoding of various blocks to complete the entire block. A miner needs to be technically very strong with the cryptographic concepts to form an entire Blockchain through breaking the locks created through decoding puzzles made of Proof of work and Proof of concept.




As cryptocurrency has become the most happening things in today’s world and everyone is finding or digging out some opportunities to get them involved in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first and foremost cryptocurrency introduced into the global economy and its consistency narrates the remaining story of its success.

There are several other digital currencies and coins have been introduced, but nothing is successful like bitcoin which makes a lot of investors and stockers to approach Bitcoin for their business. The abundant existence of Bitcoin has made its security questionable and preventive measures were taken by few renowned users, and still most of them were searching here for better options.

This article will be highly helpful for Bitcoin users to know more about its safety. The smartphone is really a boon for a lot of users and this will also be helping them in safeguarding their Bitcoin usage. We introduce you towards 10 useful apps that protect your Bitcoin from any harmful happenings.

1) Coinbase

Similar to Bitcoin coinbase was started in the initial stage of cryptocurrency to play a prominent role of mediator between two parties or peers using any kind of cryptocurrency for their monetary transactions. Using coinbase one can store any kind of cryptocurrency in the wallet; theypossesstrade with the help of coinbase and also track its prices.

This cryptocurrency app covers a huge base of iOS and Android users by enabling the feature of providing the list of merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments. Till date this app is considered to be the no. 1 due to its compatibility and flexibility. Even though it is said by a few users that it is charging higher prices, still coinbase manage to drive-in more number of customers.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

2) CryptoTrax

This particular cryptocurrency application acts as a coin portfolio, which carries out entirely new functions alike coinbase. Irrespective of the coin possessed by the user it helps them in every single aspect of their business they got involved in with cryptocurrency.

The main purpose of implementing cryptotrax is to track the trading done using a specific coin; it also forecasts the value of the coin which the user would like to purchase. This tracking methodology will be highly helpful for the users to know whether they will end up in profit or loss.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency

3) Enjin Wallet

Found by the same discoverer of Enjin Coin the first cryptocurrency designed for gaming, Enjin wallet always supports Enjin coin. The main aim of Enjin wallet is to provide a highly secured app for cryptocurrency transaction irrespective of the coin used other Enjin coin. This smart app comes out with a smart idea of implementing its own keyboard and also with an option to choose with randomized keys in it. Even if you lose your phone there is no worry of losing your digitized money, instead you can write the secret 12 letter word and scan the same in your new handset. Right now it is applicable only in Android devices and the IOS version is yet to arrive.

enjin cryptocurrency

4) Investing.Com Cryptocurrency is an experienced player in the field of investment for the past 10 years; this application provides advice from experts regarding investing over any kind of portfolios. This app doesn’t provide usual functionalities like wallet features instead; it has a huge database for tracking the price of 1300 altcoins. Basically this app helps you in fixing the rate of altcoins in the process of buying or selling.

btc cryptocurrency app

5) BTC.Com

Another major player in the Bitcoin filed providing some extraordinary app experience for the users using any kind of cryptocurrency. It is composed of simple design, peak of security and minimal transaction fees. This is highly advised for Bitcoin beginners to use and also supports the experienced users very well. This application has some very useful features like the ability to transfer Bitcoin through QR code.

btc cryptocurrency app

6) Bitworth

The primary and unique feature of this wallet app is its three tiered security offering to the users. Irrespective of the coin type it provides a strong security to its users. This smart app is also well known for providing satisfied service to each and every customer being its top priority. It has all the essential features of a wallet app in it.

bitworth cryptocurrency app

7) Xapo wallet

This particular cryptocurrency app is developed by a small team and has created a big effect over the target audience. This app is easy to use; possess a clear user interface and unscrambled setup as well.
This app will track you the present value of your cryptocoin and also gives proper suggestion regarding investment. Right now this is present only in iOS and expected in android soon. One major drawback of this app is it cannot provide you price updates of various cryptocurrency as expected by the majority of the users.

xapo cryptocurrency app

8) Delta Portfolio Tracker

Another promising app exclusively designed to handle multiple cryptocurrency related functionalities well known as “perfect tracker of cryptocurrency portfolio” capable of tracking and providing details about 2000 more cryptocurrencies. This gives you entire information about its price alerts, custom details and guidance to manage these coins.

delta cryptocurrency app

9) Cryptonaut Portfolio Tracker

This smart app designed by cryptocurrency is meant to track each and every movement of a cryptocoin and provide the user with detailed report. This is tailor made for, the expertise and professional users, which deliver a separate suite with in-depth options like high-end support for various altcoins and also provides the facility to trade between different crypto coins.

cryptonaut cryptocurrency

10) Crypto Tracker

This app goes straight into your face by just providing the current price range of cryptocurrencies. If you think that it is not a worthwhile, this app disappoints you as it is designed using Google’s Material Design which tells you the whole story. Predictions are not up to date, but they are up to second driven from Coin Market Cap. This app works only for Android providing price details to its accuracy.

cryptotrax cryptocurrency


With the introduction of more number of cryptocurrencies and its supporting apps as well there is a huge scope for implementing these technologies in mere future. And there is no doubt that these technologies will simplify our work and boost the trading to next level.




Holding the second position after B2C, B2B plays a predominant role in the entire eCommerce industry in India. But till date, it has not got the limelight in embracing new industries and product categories.

The upcoming years will change the perspective that industrial players had on B2B eCommerce through enhancing its importance. As per the report of Ecumen. in Indian B2B eCommerce industry is about to grow 2.5 times by 2020 touching a revenue base of 45 lakh crore.

Moreover, the global growth rate of B2B ecommerce Is expected to touch US$ 6.7 trillion by 2020. So there is no doubt that B2B ecommerce has a great scope of growth and all it needs to do is to find a proper place to perform things, wright. The ecommerce trends framed and explained here for the B2B type will definitely boost this type of online selling by 2018.

Customer Handling And Retention Using B2C Strategy

Evolution of the B2B eCommerce market is purely based on distributive transformation through which the online sale of business products and services cannibalize the pre-existing offline sale. The existing and newly emerged B2B ecommerce companies need to adopt the trending business models, technologies, and other behavioral aspects in order sustain in the industry.


Adopting a B2C customer acquisition strategy is a smart approach to be made by any B2B company in acquiring their customers. Adoption of these new marketing tools will engage the targeted customers highly into the B2B website and converts them into your brand advocate.

These brand advocates will engage in performing some positive activities in favor of your service, like Word of Mouth (WOM), references, testimonials, and customer contributed content. Social media also plays its role in bringing in the number of customers to your website.

Re-Modified Supply Chain Into Business

Cloud computing powered supply chain has become the most user-friendly technology, especially when it comes to handling a B2B ecommerce site. This involves the use of SaaS (Software as a Service) which makes few complexities highly possible like data sharing, enhancing organization’s data, changing data into insights resulting in complete automation to carry out the entire supply chain task hassle-free.

Effect Of Technology On Inventory Management And Transaction

People rendering B2B services through ecommerce need things simple, cost-effective and uncomplicated. Single channel ecommerce sites are no longer enough to maintain the inventories and meet the never exhausting demands of clients. One immediate solution for meeting customer demand is to provide multi or omni-channel service.

Implementation of improved technologies will highly help in cutting down the cost of inventory tracking over the product in B2B ecommerce. Enabling the usage of embedded chips, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and tags will make things easier to monitor the transportation activity of a single product or a big SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Through the implementation of cloud connectivity, things become much more organized in the inventory management system, where mobile and wearable devices play a key role here. Research done by Forrester depicts that the majority (almost 75%) of the customers gain the relevant product knowledge before acquiring it in their hands.


Payment through online channels is another technological advancement to be highly noted in B2B ecommerce, where the online experience of the customer is not restricted at any point of time so that it will break all the barriers existed before. Companies have started to pay a huge amount through online as a result of its reach. Moreover, cash lending to run a new business or to start a new branch of the business was also enabled here.


As 2017 is just a beginning of the emergence of B2B ecommerce development and this year (2018) will witness many more technological advancements in order to expand their customer base.




Last year was a tremendous one for Indian ecommerce industry, where especially the apparel sector witnessed an incredible growth in the entire ecommerce history. It is highly expected by the experts that the apparel industry will witness more growth options and reaches different heights in the future.

Before diving directly into the topic we need to look out some of the past statistics registered as a result of happening. It all started with the introduction of two pioneers named Rediff Shopping and Indiatimes shopping in late 90’s. After a six-year oligopolistic rule fashion industry got introduced towards a new variety of players called eBay. Inwho created a revolution in the Indian fashion industries.

As eBay created a way it is then closely followed by the establishment of various online players like Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal and Amazon in a short time of ten years. These five online marketplaces where the lead players till now who contributes a major share in the growth of ecommerce and also an e-tail industry of fashion.

Current Trends Of Fashion E-Tail In India

  • Increased number foreign branded items inflow towards the Indian market
  • Rapid and sudden change in the customer buying behavior of apparel and fashion products
  • The nation consisting of more number of youth population
  • The fashion based online store has the capability of meeting the demand of variety for clothes ,especially among Indian women.
  • Personalized designs have become much more prevalent and established a strong race.
  • Spending over fashion&apparel products has increased in the past three years by surpassing the rate of electronics, books and media product purchase through solely dominating with a market share of 30%.
  • A multi-channel strategy is highly successful as it is implemented in ecommerce
  • Moreover the arrival of new trending and exclusive online stores like Koovs, Vootnik has really made the offline giants like Reliance, Tata ,and Raymonds to think about their future in online sales.
  • Sale of fashion products through exclusive online platforms has crossed 25% in the past two years, making way for the establishment of individual sellers

Current Trends Of Fashion E-Tail In India

  • 47% of the share held by apparel products till date
  • Fashion accessories hold a 40 % share
  • Footwear contributes 9% of the share and followed by inner garments with 4% of the share
  • Among the 47% of apparels around 42% of the clothing’s are ethnic, same as 58% of the share held by women’s jewelry with accessories

Future Scope And Expected Growth

  • Last year Amazon registered 30% of its entire sale from fashion apparels and this number will keep increasing and spread over all platforms.
  • Even though Flipkart is expected to register a pure market dominated by 2020 through holding a market share of 70%,still it will face a tough competition from its peers like Amazon.
  • Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will also be playing a prominent role which makes things even tougher for Flipkart added with the promising contribution of developing platforms like Koovs and Vootnik.
  • The conversion rate of offline fashion stores into e-tails will be very high in the next two years compared to previous years due to the conditional penetration of internet.
  • There will be an implementation of new marketing strategies like multi-channel and omni-channel same as technologies like chatbots and AI will be witnessed.


A lot of changes are definitely going to happen in the fashion e-tail industry within 2020 through the implementation of new technologies and strategies in order to fulfill the customer needs and give them some awful experience every time. Similar to fashion e-tail industry other categorical industries are also expected to witness some interesting changes in the mere future.




India as a digitized nation has huge base of internet users and this figure is increasing year by year irrespective of the changes taken place in political policy. This has paved way for the origination of several budding ecommerce platforms in the recent past. Sudden introduction of these ecommerce platforms have created some stringent changes in the industry making things tougher even for established players.
Since this nation has become digitized it doesn’t mean that just maintaining an ecommerce platform will earn you high profit and you will turn into a millionaire in a short span of time. This is considered to be an overhyped myth in the ecommerce industry, as an online seller you need to push yourself in the big race among your competitors in order to sell each and every product.

Updating yourself is the key to succeed in any industry and this skill is highly demanded in ecommerce. Getting to know about the trending marketing techniques and strategies always provides a secured niche for the ecommerce players to become successful. These trends will help you in increasing your conversional rate of selling your products.Here we have addressed some of the trending as well as highly impactful marketing strategies and innovative techniques which will be helpful for ecommerce players to succeed in marketing part.

  • Customer Reach
  • Customer Conversion
  • Customer Engagement

These strategies and techniques were framed by analyzing past happenings and also carrying out a future forecast by closely watching the industry. Ecommerce players adopting these techniques will be having a successful year this time.Post carrying out a detailed and in-depth market research over customer buying behavior and former marketing techniques this new model on ecommerce strategy and marketing techniques were framed. Customers were segregated as window shoppers, fresh purchasers, frequent customers, loyal customers in order to study their buying behavior separately to attain clarity.

Customer Reach

A.Paid Media

Social media is always given top priority among the other paid media ads due to its impact over ecommerce industry. Even though social media is under the control of internet still it plays a predominant role in helping ecommerce players in conversion rate.

As a result of market research conducted over different ecommerce companies it shows that almost 43% of the traffic is generated through social media. With the help of social media it is highly possible to create awareness over a specific brand through associating other social media platforms like Instagram and snap chat through which you can easily convince your targeted audience.

Usage of social media has significantly increased in a short span of time, where almost 28% of users from various age groups admit that they are actively involved in social media usage for 2 hours 15 minutes per day. Through embracing the terminology “pay-to-play” online players subscribe to paid ad posting of their products and services on social media.


Social media marketing will be highly effective for the beginners who have made the first foot mark in the ecommerce industry. Placing your ads in the middle of the video will be the master stroke in marketing your product. Usage of cookies and sending personalized video advertisements will be considered as a smart move by the trader.

B.Google Adwords

Google Adwords have gone through some drastic changes over the years in displaying the ads according to the customers ease. One such change is mobile display of ads as most of the target audience is smartphone users. Now Google Adwords have shifted itself to AI enabled one keeping in mind of the future.




If web development is the back end support, then web designs are the front faces which represents a website. Website formats have changed a lot since its evolution and it will keep changing in future as well.
A web design needs to be highly updated and trendy in order to catch the complete focus of the client. Year by year the web industry is emerging out with new concepts of web designs and it is all about the organizations to embrace the right one.
A web design is not just a design composed of templates instead it also requires proper navigation features, content, speed, compatibility and much more. Same as web development framework it is all about the functionality involved in web designs and its proper usage.

Broken Grid Layouts

Innovative and out-of-box thinking are the two mandatory qualities for any kind of web designers. These two qualities need to be applied according to the requirement from the user side too. Whenever a designer opts for a catchy design then the grid layout stands in the front as the most reliable & recommended layout.


Broken grid is its enhanced form, where the images and texts gets overlapped in a much proper way to present the most adorable and innovative design to the end user. This doesn’t mean that this layout will completely corner’s the grid one, instead it show cases the grid layout in a entirely new format.


Pictorial Representations

Highly complex and undefined features can easily be defined through illustrative or pictorial representations. It is always believed that pictorial representations are 10 times stronger than the textual representations. Pictorial representation of your concept through web designs can be done through either GIF images or Editable Photography both these representations has their own weight-age.

The first one is highly used to represent product features and descriptions, while the second one is used to represent the product according to the user’s preference. The illustrative formats are highly efficient as they can convey the message just by including a single, appropriate and a bit innovative image

Savage Approach Accepted

Things have changed with design preparation and serving, where designers can create the themes on their own instead of approaching the client every time. Individuality gets explode only when the designer has the freedom of expressing their ideas. This approach will definitely be a surprise but convincing factor to the end user.

Organic Web Designs

Card based User Interface (UI) model is highly dominated in mobile as well as web designing for years, now this system has been changed where developers and even end users prefer the organic shapes to be present in their page. Previously designers used to create UI in a sharp edged and right angle shape, where as now they are following closed and circular round corners at the bottom of their cards.Even big online giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter has started utilizing this approach. Focus is given towards all the areas, where even background styles are changed into blobs of colors, dramatic diagonal and usage of some cartoon based formats.

Designers are not purely using organic shapes were they are customizing prevailing formats in their own way to bring out a new design, by twisting the 90 degree angle and creating Stripe homepage. Various other revolutionary approaches were also to be made like bringing in flashing and vibrating colors to engage the targeted audience and create exclusive web designs for disables suffering from color blindness.

Highly Interactive And Rightly Animated


Website content is not about just giving a normal description or detailing regarding the product or service you render to the customers, as now a days customers are very well informative and highly techie about their needs and wants. Apart from this if you need to give anything extra then it has to highly suggestive, deeply informative, keep engaging till the end and create an impact over them.
All you need to do to stand out of the competition is to create the required awareness which is very fresh as an information to them. Talking about animation there is no need to give higher effects always instead you need to provide the right one to navigate towards your content.

Accelerated Scrolling

Fastening up the scrolling rate is one of the trending technique to keep your customers engaged, this web designing feature is highly applicable with fashion and clothing stores opened exclusively in online. As mentioned before the images used in this web designs are tailor made for people suffering with color blindness.

Page Transmutation

Most of the user feel that excitement towards today’s web animation gets exhausted in no time as there is no fancy as expected. The hype which is initially created doesn’t last long until the website visit gets over. To overcome with this issue web designing industry has come up with new idea, where as a user you don’t need to do scrolling and the corresponding pages gets automatically displayed with suitable animations.

Design Maximization

It has been a while since the web design minimization has been introduced and used enough as well, now its time to maximize your site view using web design maximization feature. Industrial experts feel that emergence of this kind of features in a website design is the outcome of brutalism approach by the developer as there is an increasing demand as well from the user side.

Floating Navigation Menus

Even the designers got bored with fixed navigation menus in the website, which made them to think different and design floating navigation menus. These menus are added with nav bars, placed below the site and most importantly shadows were added to the nav bar.


Adding Video Format


The more and more the complexity rate increases, it gets harder to explain the concept even through images. Including respective video formats is the only way to properly convey your message, moreover it holds the advantage of blocking the user within the website instead of getting redirected to YouTube for watching videos. Even it can be presented with high quality streaming with supportive images and text in order to create awareness among users.




Offers and discounts are the driving factors which boost up the sale in a retail store, irrespective of the platform the product belongs too. A retailer cannot deny the fact that their offers reach the entire targeted customer base. There is always a gap lies in-between the retailer and the customer in both offline and online platform.

Talking about the offline stores the location always been a concerning issue which acts as a great barrier to reaching potential as well as mass customers in making their offer sale a big hit. On the other hand, online stores give a lot of discounts, but it is not landed on the right product. Only a few players reach the shore of customer satisfaction and acquire more customers as a result of the large group of competitors.

Ever wondered the reason behind this gap and thought about a perfect solution for it. Here we come up with the most effective and innovative solution that would definitely fascinate the customers and retailers as well. Implementing Beacon technology will be the accurate remedy to overcome this drawback faced by today’s retailers.


About us

Beacons are blue-tooth enabled microdevices which can be handled easily and placed in any part of a particular location. This bantam structure basically works on the principle of radio frequency generation method through which it can contact and communicate nearby blue-tooth devices.
Implementing Measured Receiver Signal Strength in its technology beacon positions the target exactly and sends them the required notification as per the demand. This technological device is powered by ARM processor, built-in memory stand, Bluetooth Smart module, temperature and motion sensor in order to get fit into any circumstances.

This technology can also function well in other devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets provided it is supported with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) functionality. This device is highly prescribed in various industries as a human or product tracker in order to strengthen the communication and minimize the unwanted bugs.

Implementing Beacon in Retail

Implementing beacon will be a perfect solution for retailers in reaching masses and helps them to increase the sales. At the same time, it also helps the customers to get notifications regarding offers instantly. Nothing suits well with beacon as it gets suited for the retail industry because this particular industry utilizes beacon technology to the fullest.

Functioning of Beacon

  • Beacon device installed in the retail store will be sensing the nearby devices enabled with BLE technology and sends them an initial notification.
  • The BLE enabled smartphone accepts the notification and directs the message to the proper online platform.
  • The online platform performs the process of customizing the message sent from the store and redirects it to the specific customer.
  • The customer receives the message from the online platform and enjoys the benefit of a particular product from the nearby store.

Striking features of Beacon

Indoor Navigation

Beacon features indoor navigation system in it through which it can track and position the customers who walk-in into the store. This is made possible due to the presence of radio signals and motion sensor present in the beacon device.

Automatic Check-In

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.

Proximity Marketing

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.

Contactless Payment

check-in and check-out options were automatically enabled with this implementation of beacon app so that the customer gets checked-in by default whenever they were witnessed in that nearby vicinity.


Money Making Through E-Commerce


There is no doubt that e-commerce trading earns you high profit when compared to any other source or platform. The amount you earn from your e-commerce trading purely depends on your strategies. But still there are some standard approach through which you can definetley generate profit at any time. This article will pin point each and every strategy which helps you to generate more revenue through e-commerce trading.

Creating Traffic

Generating traffic is the key towards the growth of your e-commerce store, this will not only increase the number of visitors but it will also increases the online sales. Generating traffic is not just about implementing the necessary marketing tools and media instead it also lie beneath the right product and its unit in numbers. Based upon the sales target you need to achieve you must wisely choose the marketing tool.


Amount Of Traffic

There is no necessity that the number of sales you generate is equal to the number of traffic you get towards your e-commerce platform. There is a specific calculator that helps you in analyzing the right amount of traffic needs to be generated for your e-commerce platform.

Some Quick Facts

  • The conversion rate in any e-commerce platform irrespective of its size is 2% I.e. out of 100 people viewing your e-commerce platform only 2 will place the order.
  • The average order value across borders is US$45
  • Facebook helps you to convert a lead at the cost of US$ 0.35 through its ads.

Traffic Generation Techniques

Visitors traffic is generated towards your e-commerce website through conducting different marketing campaigns. The usage of these marketing campaigns highly depends upon the product, industry to which the platform belongs as well as the degree to which it tends the customers to buy.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is one among them where you have to pay towards PPC generating tools in order generate traffic towards your site. This tool highly helps in converting the traffic into leads visiting your site. Some of the famous PPC tools are Google, Facebook and Bing, where Google and Bing are the search engines which wont be giving exact information about your targeted audience instead it will show the reach of your website. At the same time Facebook is also an effective PPC tool which give complete information about your targeted audience, but it wont give you exact information regarding the reach.


Cost Optimized Marketing Tools

There are some highly cost cutting marketing tools used for generating high traffic towards the website. These tools have equal capability of Google in generating potential leads to the website, Content marketing and Rediff are the low-cost marketing tools used to brand your e-commerce platform.
Through content marketing you can create blogs and stay updated with recent technologies and at the same time social discussion platforms like Rediff are also helps in generating more number of traffic.




As the importance of this industry gets increasing day by day and every year it is always considered to be a booming industry. Holding more than 206 million shoppers spending close to US$ 300 billion this nation is undoubtedly tech-savvy nation. Therefore it is always right time to start your e-trading in this nation, but before starting it you need to get clarity over few concepts of e-commerce trading.

Decision Over Product

If you are directly entering into business through e-commerce selling then you must make sure about the product to be sold by you. Perform a thorough and detailed research over the products and its targeted market in order to get clarity. Research the products based upon your area of interest and expertise as well, try to know its demand or create a demand for your product. Also carry out a research on target audience in order to sense the real pulse.

Create Your Business Name

There is always a world of difference between finding and creating a business name, creating a business name is all about your uniqueness where you cannot find it as a mismatch with other companies. Just by doing a corporate research you can end up with finding a proper and unique name for your business.

Deriving And Framing Domain Name

Obviously your business name will be your domain name and it gets failed to fulfill that part at some stage, in that case the web host will be providing you the right alternative. Once you have received your domain name then you will get your own website.

Registering Business Structure

As a business organization you need to mention and register as well your structure of business to be carried out in online with the government. There are three major business structures like:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Corporation
  • Partnership

Whatever be the business structure you need to give proper documents for that, analyse and evaluate yourself before registering your business structure in terms of suitability.

Acquire Your Identity

Having your own Employee Identification Number (EIN) is highly mandatory for you and your business to get stabilized in the market irrespective of your business size. Having your EI number helps you in moving the tax papers smoothly and defends you in market.

License And Permit

Doing the business through e-commerce doesn’t mean that you can directly start to sell the products, study the terms and conditions involved in it and moreover get to know about the necessary license and permits to be taken before you begin officially.

Filter The Suppliers

Be very choosy in selecting your vendors, as you are the front face of any product getting sold through the platform you created. Hence pick the odd one out who is not having proper track records and get the best in your hands, this helps you in moving your business smoothly.

Marketing And Software

When it comes to e-commerce you need to market your platform as soon as possible, since there are already more number of existing as well as upcoming websites keep popping out. Implementing an updated software is also necessary for you which gives added benefit to your website.

Supply Chain Management

Inventory handling is an art when it comes to e-commerce trading, you must have the right number of stocks in order to meet the demand. Rise or fall in numbers will badly affect your business. This can be done only by carrying out a highly forecasting analysis.


Other Elements

Apart from this your website requires some very basic facilities in order to stand in the competition like good web design, including necessary features including pricing details and most importantly earning customer’s trust which highly depends upon your service.




Typography is defined as the classical representation of your printed text format. This helps in representing you as a unique player among the competitors. Typography is previously used in printing formats and now it is used in website designing. Typography is all about constructing the font in a right shape and structure in order to grab the attention of the viewers. Beyond using proper words to convey the right message, proper usage of font style also matters a lot here.

Need For Typography

If words are framed to represent the product or service delivered, typography is used in order to bring in the feel. It needs to be handled properly in order to deliver the message in a decent tone. As a web designer you can opt for various font styles to the headings and sub headings, whereas you need to follow a fixed font type in representing the content. Therefore engaging or distracting the viewers depends upon the usage of typography.

Role Of Typography In Web Design

Most of us may think that changing the look of a font wont create any difference in the website. Changing the font style will definetley create an competitive edge towards your website. Experts states that 95% of web developers uses typography in enhancing their content.

Awesome Web Design Using Typography

Most of the web designers feel that typography cannot be utilized completely in order to achieve the required web font, but this statement is true. Just like web designers users also have some control over customizing typography function like browser settings.

Web Fonts

Earlier web designers used to follow only a limited number of web fonts like Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman and Georgia. Now web designers have various optional sites exclusively providing numerous font styles for your website like FontDeck, GoogleFonts, TypeKit, These exclusive websites provide fonts of different styles so that as a designer you can choose the most personalized and best font style for your content.


Typographic Coalition

Typography not only helps you in creating different font styles, they also helps designers in structural formatting of the font. This shows the height of customization from typography this includes alignment, adjustment of cell width and framing precised words using typography.

Typography Engineering

Typography is not just providing different font styles and textual layout, but it also involves sculpting each and every word to present the text in a more unique way.

Thumb Rule For Web Designers

This involves certain thumb rules for web designers to follow

Font Framing

Apart from including the font style typography also concentrates on minute aspects like font sizing, scaling, text adjusting and measurement of the font.


Impact Of Typography

  • Highly impressive website
  • Designer friendly tool
  • Technologically updated by providing responsive web design with browser compatibility
  • Helps in graphic designing as well

Promoting Codes

Typography is powered by various coding elements like opening type, 3D CSS Typography, Text shadow effects and Text filling water to give different font styles.